Responsive Solutions

for Unique Requirements

Welcome to Paragon Communications Solutions, Inc.

Paragon Communications Solutions Inc. (PCSi) creates solutions to meet the growing demand for worldwide operational and tactical communications and network infrastructure for government and commercial clients. We utilize Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products in our solutions to ensure we incorporate cost effective, proven and reliable technologies. Our core competencies support all areas of the communications network, specializing in complex, state-of-the-art communications solutions. PCSi's expertise spans across secure mobile requirements, communications security, wireless network solutions, LAN/WAN systems, and much more. We can create and implement a complete, secure and reliable communications system adaptable to U.S. and overseas platforms to meet your mission requirements. We pride ourselves in matching the right solution and technology to meet the specific needs of your business or agency. PCSi has the experience necessary to understand the nuances of real-world operating environments within which special communications requirements and technology must work to be effective, reliable, and secure.

Our Mission

PCSi is dedicated to becoming a leading integrator of telecommunications systems, technology, and products that will create a decisive advantage for our clients.

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